Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pink Classical Tutu with Bra Top

This was made for demi Soloists for Le Corsaire.  The Soloists wore blue ones.  Bright pink and gold was gorgeous on the stage.
When I'm asked to make a bra top,there a two things that I think important.  It really has to be secure and it can't be too sexy.  I design the shape those in my mind.  I was asked to make top with stretch fabric so it can be used by dancers with different body sized, but bra top definitely need boning to support.  Otherwise, it won't be stable for those who have larger breast.  That's the last thing for a dancer to worry about when they are on stage.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pink Romantic Tutu

This bodice is made for a scene from "Gilded Bat", below.   I used the old tutu to go with it when I made the bodice. 

Photo by Rosalie O'connor
 But the tutu didn't have nice movement, so I made the tutu a few years later for this bodice for "Sleeping Beauty".   These were used with Aurora's Friend's tutu and other costumes for younger dancers that was white and pink.  Whole Garland Waltz costumes were pink and it was very lovely.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pink Flower Headpiece

I have to admit I don't remember what this headpiece was for...  I am certain it's for a peasant style costume.  Probably for Shepherdess...
Some choreographers don't like big headpiece.  Some don't mind big ones.  I talk them to design what they are after and make them to match the costumes, also I make it light and easy to secure onto the head.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Peasant Costumes Refurbished

This was originally Mirliton costume.  I made a new tutu to go with the bodice and re-decorate it.  There were 2 soloist girls so one was green, the other was orange.  Their bodice is same, though.

These were made for the dance that was choreographed for "Slavonic Dance".  The corps wore the costumes that was ordered on line which had brown and orange.  So I used brown ribbon to tie everything together.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Paquita Tutu for Principal

Photo by Rosalie O'connor

This was a part of the tutus that were rented for Paquita.  those tutus were in very bad shape.  We needed different colors for groups of dancers, so I slip covered them.  
This one was for the principal dancer.  Against pink for soloists, purple for demi soloists, and black for corps, white tutu stood out for the principal dancer.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Refurbished Tutus for Paquita

Photo by Rosalie O'connor

We borrowed old tutus from some company.  They were for Swan Lake, but they were so worn out that they weren't white at all.  Yellow.  Not really pretty looking.  I was to decorate them to use for Paquita.
The director wanted to have different colors for a principal, soloists, demi soloist, and corps.  Instead of decorating tired dirty tutus, I decided to slip cover them.  I literally made the bodice and over skirt slip cover to sewn on the tutus.  That way I was able to give them vibrant colors.
To make 20 slip covers were big work, especially I had to sew them in by hand so they can be easily removed after the show.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mouse Queen Headpiece

In Nutcracker, there is bad Mouse King.  It's usually played by a male dancer with a big mask.  But there   is serious shortage of male dancer....  especially students at studios.  I thought it was such a clever way to make the Mouse King into Mouse Queen.

She was supposed to wear black unitard and a slim black jacket.  More modern costumes.  But she needed headpiece that tell audience that she is "Mouse Queen".  
I never liked ears on a head band.  So I incorporated the ears to an old fashion looking hat.  The hat has comb sewn in, and it also has loop to pin it onto the head securely, so even the mouse queen's choreography was pretty elaborate, it work well.

But she needed Crown for Queen.  However, the crown has to come out from her head when she is defeated.  Moreover, Marie was going to put the crown on her head to exit the stage.  So it has to be somewhat secure on Marie's head.
It sounded impossible at the time.  
I put a comb in the crown and sewn a pocket on the mouse headpiece so it will be secure on the Mouse Queen when she dances.  But it could be easily taken out from the pocket and the comb will catch Marie's hair so she can exit the stage without holding the crown with hands.